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Romney on Abortion (again)

Mitt Romney flip flops on abortion.

You tube video from ABC news, Mitt Romney in his own words.

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Remember Lizzy Dole?

Ready for 2008?

Do you remember who was leading in many Republican polls at this point in the 2000 presidential campaign? Elizabeth Dole Gary Bauer’s End of the Day Report 1-30-2007

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Rudy/Hillary take Ohio

Rudy/Hillary win Ohio 08 poll according to Quinnipiac. Rudy runs strongest among evangelicals, Romney loses white, born again evangelicals to Hillary. White evangelicals are now less committed to the president, the GOP, and Iraq than “Republicans,” meaning some other group or groups are now at the core of the Republican base. We’ll find out in 2008. dated 1-30-2007 by DaveG

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McCain on global warming

John McCain on Global Warming

“In my view, the evidence is very strong – and the effects of climate change are very alarming.” McCain has been a member of stop global warming since September 7, 2005

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Husted weighs in

Romney and McCain seeking out Jon Husted

Mark Naymick of the PeeDee Reports Mitt Romney and John McCain are both trying to get Speaker Jon Husted on their side.                                           by Matthew January 29, 2007

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Endorsement Race

The Endorsement Race – uses a complex system of four tiers posted as of 1-27-2007

Giuliani -4 McCain – 13 Romney – 31 Brownback -1 Hunter – 2 dated 1-27-2007 by HeavyM

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Move on has Competition is intended to be a right-wing version of the leftist MoveOn.Org. It was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including Gil Amelio, former CEO of Apple and National Semiconductor. Coming on board Feb. 16 as The Vanguard’s full-time editorial and creative director will be Richard Poe, who has served as editor-in-chief of FrontPage Magazine. He has been described as the conservative movement’s leading expert on MoveOn.Org’s strategy in bringing together disparate elements with a common viewpoint. (Jerome Corsi, co-author of the 2004 campaign book “Unfit for Command” attacking Sen. John Kerry’s war record, joined up Tuesday with the organization intended to similarly undermine Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2008 campaign.) Robert Novak column at 1-27-2007

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