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Huckabee Supports Nationwide Ban on Public Smoking

Huckabee said as President he would sign a bill to outlaw smoking nationwide in public places, and said he would also support a smoking ban in any indoor area where people work. 8-28-2007


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Name Recognition

Gallup Poll reports that among the four Republican frontrunners only Giuliani and McCain have high name recognition at 91% and 87% respectively. Romney has 64% recognition and undeclared Thompson has 56% recognition.  But only 46% of Republicans know all four candidates well enough to rate them. This leaves room for significant fluctuation in the leaderboard.  8-24-2007

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Thompson’s Appearance At Debates Expected Soon

Fred Thompson could be at the University of New Hampshire on Sept. 5 but more likely will come to the Morgan State University debate in Baltimore on Sept. 27.  8-19-2007

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Ohio May Not Be the Battleground State in 2008

Democratic strategists tell us that with Florida tilting more Republican and Ohio going the other way, it is states like Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico that will be the battlegrounds in 2008. Among the reasons, say Dems: a growing Hispanic population that leans left and independent voters angry with a fat and pushy federal government. “We’ve got a lot more places to play in 2008 than Florida and Ohio,” says a party strategist.  Paul Bedard  8-26-2007

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Hillary Considers Strickland as Running Mate

A new name has entered conversations among Democrats contemplating a running mate for Sen. Hillary Clinton if she is nominated for president: Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.

Strickland, age 66,  easily won election as governor after five terms in Congress. He evokes interest for a Clinton ticket as a moderate liberal who has a clean record and comes from a closely contested swing state that decided the 2004 presidential election. Robert Novak   8-25-2007

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Michigan and Nevada Polls

Michigan (Aug 8-13)  Thompson 22%, Giuliani 19%, McCain 16%, Newt 15%, Romney 12%

Nevada (Aug 16) Romney 28%, Giuliani 18%, Fred Thompson 18%, McCain 8%, Newt 4%, Huckabee 3%, Undecided 18%,_2008  8-17-2007

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Republican Delegate Polling Results Update 8-17-2007


 Giuliani 18 states, 1101 delegates, Fred Thompson 5 states 384 delegates, McCain 5 states 183 delegates, Romney 6 states 228 delegates, Brownback 1 state 39 delegates, Huckabee 1 state 34 delegates.,_2008   8-17-2007

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