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Thompson Continues to Hire Staff

Fred Thompson has hired Santorum communications director – Robert Traynham.  by Tommy Oliver  6-29-2007

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Gingrich Watching Fred Thompson

If Fred Thompson runs an effective campaign, Gingrich says privately, he probably will not get in the race. If Thompson proves a dud, however, the former House speaker will seriously consider making a run. by Robert Novak  6-30-2007

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Republican Delegate Polling Results Update

As of 6-27: Rudy 15 states, 926 delegates; McCain 8 states, 359 delegates; Fred Thompson 6 states, 390 delegates; Romney 4 states, 162 delegates, Brownback 1 state, 39 delegates; Huckabee 1 state 34 delegates.    6-27-2007

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Huckabee Endorsed by Home School Defense League

 “a historic, early endorsement” by the Home School Legal Defense Association with it’s 80,000 members for Mike Huckabee.   Huckabee’s record as governor of Arkansas, pro-life, pro-family conservative values and presidential campaign platform, which includes a pro-defense plank and support for the FairTax, were listed as the reasons for this support. “Many of us have waited a long time for a presidential candidate who is a truly qualified and articulate man who shares our values down to his core.”  by Bill Smith  6-20-2007


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Fred Thompson to Make Announcement on Tuesday

Expectations are he will be announcing his national campaign headquarters to be in Nashville, Tennessee.  His formal announcement….not yet.  by Gribbit  6-24-2007

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Giuliani To Hire New Staff

Giuliani’s South Carolina campaign chairman, State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, has been indicted on cocaine charges.  And Jim Nussle, Giuliani’s top Iowa advisor, was just tapped by President Bush to run the OMB replacing Rob Portman.

 Evans-Novak Political Report, 6-20-2007

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Bloomberg No Longer a Republican

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he is no longer a Republican and has officially changed his party to “Unaffiliated”.  Rumors of a Presidential run in an Independent Party or the Unity Party abound.  by Rick Evans  6-20-2007

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