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A Closer Look at Huckabee’s State

Arkansas:  Huckabee 40%/McCain 21%,_2008   10-30-2007

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A Closer Look at Giuliani’s States

  • Michigan:  Giuliani 24%/Romney 20%
  • Nevada:  Giuliani 28%/ Fred Thompson 23%
  • Florida:  Giuliani 27%/Fred Thompson 19%
  • Maine:  Giuliani 24%/McCain 21%
  • California:  Giuliani 39%/Fred Thompson 18%
  • Connecticut:  Giuliani 36%/McCain 15%
  • Delaware:  Giuliani 37%/McCain 14%
  • Illinois:  Giuliani 30%/Fred Thompson 21%
  • Minnesota: Giuliani 27%/McCain 22%
  • Missouri:  Giuliani 23%/Fred Thompson 22%
  • New Jersey:  Giuliani 44%/McCain 12%
  • New Mexico:  Giuliani 34%/McCain 23%
  • New York:  Giuliani 48%/McCain 8%
  • Oklahoma:  Giuliani 32%/ McCain 23%
  • Oregon:  Giuliani 16%/Romney 15%
  • Maryland:  Giuliani 32%/McCain 13%
  • Virginia: Giuliani 34%/McCain 20%
  • Wisconsin: Giuliani 28%/Fred Thompson 24%
  • Massachusetts:  Giuliani 28%/Romney 21%
  • Ohio:  Giuliani 29%/Fred Thompson 17%
  • Pennsylvania:  Giuliani 32%/Fred Thompson 13%
  • Washington:  Giuliani 37%/Fred Thompson 20%,_2008  10-30-2007

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A Closer Look at Romney’s States

  • Idaho:  Romney 38%/Giuliani  20%
  • Iowa:  Romney 28%/Giuliani 13%
  • Kansas:  Romney 17%/McCain 13%
  • New Hampshire: Romney 26%/Giuliani 20%
  • South Carolina: Romney 29%/Giuliani 23%
  • Utah:  Romney 57%/Giuliani 8%,_2008  10-30-2007

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A Closer Look at Fred Thompson’s States

  • Alabama:  Thompson 31%/Giuliani 25%
  • Colorado:  Thompson 25%/Giuliani 20%
  • Georgia:  Thompson 32%/Giuliani 17%
  • Tennessee:  Thompson 45%/Giuliani 15%,_2008    10-30-2007

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A Closer Look at McCain’s States

  • Arizona:  McCain 26%/Giuliani 19%
  • Rhode Island:  McCain 50%/Romney 14%
  • Vermont:  McCain 30%/Giuliani 29%
  • West Virginia:  McCain 33%/Giuliani 29%,_2008    10-30-2007

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Republican Delegate Polling Results Update 10-30-2007

October 30, 2007

Giuliani 24 states 1471 delegates,   Fred Thompson 4 states 221 delegates, Romney 6 states 219 delegates, McCain 4 states 120 delegates, Huckabee 1 state 34 delegates.,_2008  10-30-2007

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Huckabee Loses His Halo

“We called him a pro-life, pro-gun liberal, when I was in the state legislature and he was governor,” said Randy Minton, chairman of the Arkansas chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s national Eagle Forum.  Huckabee governed as a social conservative in opposing abortion and same-sex “marriage,” he was a treacherous liberal on taxes, social welfare spending and illegal immigration.

“Until of late, he has been an open-borders guy on immigration — amnesty, the whole works,” Mr. Minton said. “As governor, he wanted to give free college scholarships to all illegals.”

Grover Norquist, who is neutral on the presidential nomination, said: “The most important thing Huckabee can do is help Republicans to keep that Senate. He is the only Republican in Arkansas who can beat a Democrat for the Senate.”

Mrs. Schlafly, one of the most respected leaders in the social-conservative movement, has accused Mr. Huckabee of “destroying” the conservative movement in Arkansas and leaving the GOP “in shambles.”  Ralph Z.Hallow  10-29-2007


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