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Tommy Thompson Throws in the Towel

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson  abandoned his long shot bid for the White House late Sunday evening, after he did not meet the expectations he set for himself.  Mark Preston 8-13-2007

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Whose Ahead in Missouri?

  • Giuliani  23%
  • Fred Thompson 22%
  • McCain 14%
  • Romney 11%
  • Gingrich 10%
  • Huckabee 3%
  • T. Thompson, Ron Paul, Brownback 1%
  • Undecided 14%
  • Survey from August 2-6,  600 likely Republican Primary Voters  8-6-2007

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Tommy Thompson’s Future

“Tommy Thompson has made it clear that if he doesn’t finish first or second this week in Ames, Iowa, at the straw poll, he will not go on in this race.”  MattC  8-9-2007

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Giuliani and Brownback Release Income

Giuliani reported earning $16.1 million over the past 16 months, most of it from speaking fees.  Brownback showed he divested his stock portfolio of companies that do business in the Sudan.

McCain, Romney, Tommy Thompson  and Gilmore requested 30 to 45 day extensions for  filing their income reports with the Federal Election Commission.;_ylt=AtO8Z0RB5lWGly3Qu0cvZJFpu6cv  by Jim Kuhnhenn  5-17-2007

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Tommy Thompson Corrects His Statement at Debate

Tommy Thompson is taking heat for saying at Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate that private employers should be allowed to fire employees because they are gay.  Thompson has issued an apology for his comments about gay discrimination at the GOP debate.  by Sasha Johnson and Alexander Mooney  5-4-2007

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Fair Tax Supported at Republican Debate

Duncan Hunter, Tommy Thompson and Tom Tancredo stated their support for the Fair Tax.   Huckabee and Brownback support a flat tax.  For more information on the Fair Tax, go to:


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Tommy Thompson Can Win Without Ohio

Tommy Thompson says Republicans will lose Ohio in 2008 – where the state party’s corruption and incompetence resulted in the loss of the governorship, a U.S. Senate seat and a House seat.  So the GOP candidate must carry Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota and Tommy Thompson says he can carry those three Midwestern states.  AID=/20070423/OPINION/704230314/-1/ZONES04  by George Will  4-23-2007

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Fred Thompson Comes in Second

The latest Bloomberg/LA Times poll:

  • Rudy                        29%
  • Fred Thompson  15%
  • McCain                   12%
  • Romney                   8%
  • Newt                          7%
  • T. Thompson         3%
  • Huckabee                 3%
  • Brownback              2%
  • Hunter                      2%
  • Tancredo                 2%

Christian Conservatives:

  • Fred Thompson       21%
  • Rudy                            17%
  • McCain                       10%
  • Newt                              9%
  • Romney                       6%
  • Huckabee                    6%   by DaveG  4-11-2007

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Gingrich and Thompson Affect Race

Most polls indicate Gingrich and Thompson account for 15-20% of the Republican Primary votes.   Real conservatives like Huckabee, Brownback, Tancredo, Hunter, Gilmore and Tommy Thompson can’t get their campaigns off the ground because Newt and Fred are sitting on their potential voter base.  Dick Morris   4-11-2007

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