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Giuliani on Health Care

Giuliani’s goal is to give individuals more control over health care decisions and to encourage state officials to come up with innovative solutions. Key to his plan is a $15,000 tax deduction for families to buy private health insurance, instead of getting insurance through employers. Any leftover funds could be rolled over year-to-year for medical expenses, under Giuliani’s plan.  Philip Elliott  7-30-2007

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Republican Delegate Polling Results Update 7-30

Giuliani 17 states, 1016 delegates; Fred Thompson 6 states, 418 delegates; McCain 6 states, 241 delegates,;Romney 5 states (correction to map Iowa and New Hampshire are Romney states), 194 delegates; Brownback 1 state, 39 delegates; Huckabee 1 state, 34 delegates,_2008   7-30-2007

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Fundraising Results in Ohio

Romney continued strong fund-raising efforts in Ohio, raising $198,531.75 in the state during the quarter. Romney continues to dwarf all other presidential candidates in funds raised in Ohio with $701,662 raised, easily surpassing Obama and Clinton. Giuliani made a strong showing in Ohio as well over the quarter, raising $193,100 in the state.  Ryan Kelley  7-16-2007

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Fred Thompson on the Hazelton Immigration Decision

Fred Thompson said “Most Americans want something to be done about the illegal immigration problem we have in this country. They’ve been expecting the federal government to enforce the immigration laws already on the books. The federal government hasn’t done that, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the governments closest to the people – municipal and state – are looking to take action. This is an entirely proper role for these governments.”  Tommy Oliver 7-26-2007

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More Resignations in the Thompson Camp

Thompson’s lead political advance operative, Sam LeBlond, quit after less than two weeks of working for Fred — and “associates of Thompson” said to expect more resignations before the end of the week. MattC  7-26-2007

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Trouble in the Fred Thompson Camp

Tom Collamore, the former Altria exec who had been running Fred Thompson’s campaign, has resigned and will be replaced by Randy Enwright. Enwright would serve as the day-to-day manager while Spencer Abraham would take more of a campaign chairman capacity. 

Collamore will stay on as a “senior adviser” to the effort, but with a diminished role.   Accounts vary as to what exactly happened, but Collamore was reportedly unhappy with the level of involvement of Thompson’s wife, Jeri.  Jonathan Martin 7-24-2007

J.T. Mastranadi was hired just a week and a half ago to be the campaign’s director of research. He resigned this morning. Mastranadi was “fed up” with the “lack of structure” and was unclear about his role in the coming campaign…

The flubbing of his announcement date, his decision to stay out of the race until September, the rumors that he has raised less than $3 million in June, and now facing resignations and frustrations from within his own campaign before it even starts does not indicate any signs of upward trajectory for the Thompson campaign.  MattC  7-25-2007


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Gingrich and Fred Thompson

Gingrich and some of his closest advisers have been meeting with — and, in at least one prominent case, going to work for Fred Thompson.  Gingrich’s former communications director, Rich Galen, has signed on as an adviser to Thompson’s campaign.  Tommy Oliver   7-25-2007

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