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Romney Raises Nearly $1 Million In One Day

Romney held two campaign fundraisers in the Washington DC area that are estimated to have raised nearly $1 million.  2-27-2007

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Club For Growth Examines Brownback’s Record

On taxes, Social Security reform, school choice and tort reform Senator Brownback has demonstrated  an outstanding commitment to fighting for American taxpayers.  His record on trade, political speech and government regulation of business is generally pro-freedom, with few exceptions. He has, at times, been disappointing on controlling government spending.  2-28-2007

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Zogby Poll

  • Giuliani 29%
  • McCain 20%
  • Romney 9%
  • Rice 7%
  • Gingrich 7%
  • Brownback 4%
  • Tancredo 1%
  • Hunter 1%
  • Undecided 19% 
  • Someone else:  Huckabee, Thompson, Hagel, Paul each failed to win 0.5% support and are not included

Giuliani is favored in nearly every age bracket.  Among the “very conservative” Romney wins 23%, Gingrich 22%, Rice 13%, Brownback 9%, Giuliani 4%, McCain 3%.   2-26-2007

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McCain’s Mistakes

McCain is seen as pandering to the Religious Right and more often out of step with the GOP base.  He voted against the Bush tax cuts and on immigration, his bill, cosponsored by Ted Kennedy, permits illegal aliens to become citizens without returning to their native lands and seeking legal entry.

He is also out of money.  Not that he hasn’t raised money, but that he is spending it too rapidly on political consultants.  “McCain has hired every consultant he can find.” by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann  2-28-2007

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Tom Ridge Joins McCain

Former Homeland Security Secretary and two-term Governor of Pennsylvania will serve as National  Co-Chair of John McCain’s Exploratory Committee.  McCain is expected to formally enter the race soon.,2933,255367,00.html associated press  2-28-2007

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National Primary Day?

Seventeen states with roughly 60 percent of the nation’s population – are expected to pick party nominees on Feb. 5th include:  Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah.  States planning to move up to Feb 5 are Illinois, California, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Kansas.,2933,254518,00.html  by Carl Cameron 2-26-2007

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Do Endorsements Matter?

Candidates are leaning hard on governors for support.  The most effective governors have an election-tested base of motivated voters, willing donors and the ability to help sway undecided primary voters.   McCain has the support of three governors: Indiana, Utah and Minnesota.  Romney one:  Missouri, and Huckabee one: South Dakota.;_ylt= AjdrTdl4amT3oyjBiv3TfwRpu6cv    by Robert Tanner  2-25-2007

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