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Supreme Court To Rule On Photo Id Requirement for Voters

The Supreme Court said on Tuesday it would decide whether voters can be required to show photo identification. The justices, acting ahead of next year’s national elections, said they would review Indiana’s voting law, which is considered one of the most restrictive in the country. It requires voters to present photo ID like a driver’s license or passport.

26 states – including Ohio, have some form of a voter identification law, and six states require photo identification at the time of voting.  James Vicini  9-25-2007


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Newt Will Not Run

 Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will not run for president in 2008 after determining he could not legally explore a bid and remain as head of his tax-exempt political organization.  Libby Quaid  9-29-2007

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A Closer Look At Some States On Map Below

California (September Poll)

  • Giuliani 28%
  • Thompson 26%
  • McCain 18%
  • Romney 14%

Wisconsin (September Poll)

  • Giuliani 28%
  • Thompson 24%
  • McCain 8%
  • Romney 7%

Arizona (August Poll)

  • McCain 24%
  • Romney 19%
  • Giuliani 18%
  • Thompson 17%

Texas (August Poll)

  • Thompson 25%
  • Giuliani 21%
  • Romney 15%
  • Huckabee 13%
  • McCain 8%

Kansas  (May Poll)

  • Brownback 18%
  • Romney 17%
  • Giuliani 13%
  • McCain 13%,_2008   9-25-2007

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Republican Delegate Polling Results Update 10-12-2007


Giuliani 22 states, 1262 delegates; Thompson 7 states, 477 delegates; McCain 4 states, 133 delegates; Romney 4 states, 133 delegates; Brownback 1 state 39 delegates; Huckabee 1 state, 34 delegates.,_2008  9-25-2007

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Endorsements Update

  • Brownback – 1 Congressman
  • Giuliani – 1 Senator/ 20 Congressmen
  • Huckabee – 1 Govenor/2 Congressmen
  • Hunter – 6 Congressmen
  • McCain – 3 Governors/9 Senators/17 Congressmen -includes Ohio Steve LaTourette
  • Romney- 2 Governors/4 Senators/25 Congressmen -includes Ohio Ralph Regula
  • Thompson – 2 Senators/10 Congressmen  9-24-2007

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Religious Right Responds to Dr. Dobson’s Comments

(See Dobson Will Not Support Fred Thompson, 9-20-2007) 

American Values president Gary Bauer says Dobson’s email is unhelpful because Thompson is a candidate conservative Christians should seriously consider if they hope to avoid what he calls the “nightmare scenario” of having to choose in the general election from two pro-abortion, pro-gay rights politicians from New York — Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. 

“He’s obviously against same-sex marriage. He doesn’t support quite the same constitutional amendment that some of the other’s of us do, but he’s been talking with us about it, and has been moving closer and closer on the amendment,” says Bauer.  Jim Brown  9-21-2007

David Brody recieved an email from Dr. Richard Land, the President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission: “I’ve received phone calls and emails from Southern Baptists about Senator Thompson. They are all furious at Doctor Dobson. They just feel that first of all there was a mischaracterizing of his positions. Do I wish that he supported the marriage protection amendment? Of course I do. To say that he is for 50 different views of marriage in 50 different states is a gross mischaracterization of his position.”

Some extremely strong words about Dobson from both Richard Land and Gary Bauer.  There appears to be a power struggle between the religious right. On one side, you have Land, Bauer, Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, and some others. On the other side, you have James Dobson, most likely Robertson, and others who have remained in the background thus far. Dobson was always slippery in his support for Thompson, going back to the “not a Christian” remarks in April. Tommy Oliver   9-24-2007

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National Rasmussen Poll Explained

  • Fred Thompson 27%
  • Rudy Giuliani 22%
  • John McCain 13%
  • Mitt Romney 12%
  •  Kavon W. Nikrad  9-24-2007

    Why does Fred Thompson continue to lead in the National Rasmussen Poll?  Scott Rasmussen explains ” We are the only group that’s doing any kind of a screen to determine who is likely to vote in a primary.  When you include people not following the race closely, the candidate with the biggest name id is going to win out.  The tighter you draw the screen on your pool of respondents the better Thompson performs.”

    A key number right now is that, no matter who is in the field, Giuliani is stuck at around 30-35%.  The anti-Rudy vote is two-thirds of the GOP electorate, once a candidate behind Giuliani begins to consolidate the anti-Rudy vote, it will cascade toward that person and they will win the nomination.  Bill Hobbs  9-18-2007

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