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Husted Endorses McCain

Ohio Speaker of the House Jon Husted said he believes McCain will be able to court independent voters in Ohio, and both he and DeWine pointed to a recent SurveyUSA poll that indicated he was the only Republican who could beat Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

Husted will be stumping “only in Ohio” and that he’s willing to help to the best of his ability. Jessica Wehrman 12-19-2007

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Republican Delegate Polling Results Update 12-29-2007

December 27, 2007

Giuliani 20 states, 1178 delegates; Huckabee 7 states 444 delegates; Romney 6 states 226 delegates; Thompson 3 states 149 delegates; McCain 3 states 67 delegates,_2008

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Huckabee’s Clemency Record

Of particular concern is the high number of prison-sentence commutations and pardons that Mr. Huckabee granted during his decade in office — more than a thousand, or twice those of the previous three governors combined. Huckabee has supported his actions by explaining that his governing philosophy included a willingness to give people “a second chance.”  Mary Jacoby  12-24-2007

During his years as governor, Huckabee granted clemency an average of about once every four days.  12-10-2007

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Update On Endorsements

  • Giuliani – 1 Governor (TX), 3 Senators, 21 Representatives
  • Huckabee- 1 Governor (SD), 3 Representatives
  • Hunter – 6 Representatives
  • McCain- 3 Governors ( IN, MN, UT), 11 Senators, 19 Representatives
  • Romney- 3 Governors (MO, NE, RI), 5 Senators, 33 Representatives
  • Thompson- 4 Senators, 15 Representatives

Ohio Delegation: McCain- Rep. Steven LaTourette; Romney- Rep. Ralph Regula; Clinton- Gov Ted Strickland, Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones; Dodd- Rep Tim Ryan

In all 20 Governors have endorsed, 35 Senators, 210 Representatives as of 12-21-2007   12-21-2007

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Ron Paul Record

Paul has gone from advocating for abolition of the Border Patrol in 1988 to locking down the border and beefing up the Border Patrol, giving him a 100% rating from the anti-illegal immigration group Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR). His voting record on international free trade is mixed at best – he has a 76% rating from the libertarian Cato Institute – and has probably become even more restrictionist within the last few years.

He’s been rated 67% by the ACLU. He voted against a constitutional ban on gay marriage in 2006, and opposes the death penalty. He seems a little weak on crime, voting against a bill that would have increases prosecution and sentences for juveniles, and diverted funding to “alternative sentencing” instead of for building more prisons. He’s rated A by VOTE-HEMP for his support of legalizing industrial hemp, and he supports medical marijuana. In 2001, he voted against military border patrols to battle against drugs and terrorism. He has a 67% rating from the National Education Association. He voted against allowing school prayer during the War on Terror. He voted no on allowing school vouchers in D.C. schools. The Christian Coalition gives him a 76% rating. He voted no in 1999 on banning physician-assisted suicide. The AFL-CIO rates him 47%. Sources:  Rachel Report  7-25-2007

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Brownback Explains His McCain Endorsement

It really came down to Mike Huckabee and John McCain. But I really felt that John was the one that could best compete and win ultimately in the fall of 2008.

I think he’s the most qualified person running now, ready to be president. He’s ready to be commander in chief. He has foreign policy experience. He’s a budget hawk, has been for a long time. He has a 20-year pro-life voting record. And he can perform in swing states. He can win in Florida. He can win in Missouri. He can win in Ohio. And we’ve got to have somebody that can perform in those states. So that’s why it came down to John for me.  Billy Valentine  12-19-2007

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It’s A Real Horse Race In Iowa

Huckabee lost 11% points since last week according to the most recent Rasmussen poll. Romney gained 4% and McCain 8%.  25% of those who said they were certainly going to vote for Huckabee changed their minds.  Mitt now leads the “certain” pack with 32% of people indicating they are staying put. Compare that to Huck with 16% and McCain with 17% certainty.  Justin Hart  12-19-12007

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