3rd Quarter Fundraising Estimates

  • Giuliani – $10.5 million
  • Romney – $10 – includes 8.5 million in personal loan (cash on hand $9 million)
  • Thompson – $9.3 million (cash on hand $7 million)
  • McCain – $6  (cash on hand $3.6 million)
  • Paul – $5   (cash on hand $5.3 million)
  • Huckabee – $1 (cash on hand $600k)

Ron Paul surprised alot of people having raised 5 million, and Mike Huckabee fails to become a first tier candidate raising only 1 million.

Still waiting on Brownback’s numbers.

http://race42008.com/2007/10/03/huckabee-raises-1-million/  Matt C  10-3-2007

http://race42008.com/2007/10/03/early-estimates-incorrect-paul-raises-5-million/ Matt C 10-3-2007

http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=22662 Erica Andersen  10-2-2007

http://race42008.com/2007/10/04/rudy-raises-11-million-in-q3-tops-all-republican-candidates/ Kavon W Nikrad  10-4-2007

http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/10/04/thompson-raises-93m-this-quarter/ Michael Luo  10-4-2007


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One response to “3rd Quarter Fundraising Estimates

  1. nothing on Duncan Hunter yet? any speculation as to whether he’ll drop out of the race yet? DD

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