A Look at Giuliani’s Strategy

Changes in the primary schedule, have candidates like Giuliani re-thinking their strategy.  Florida (113) alone has more delegates than  Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina combined (110).   A win in Florida on Jan 29th, where he is popular with many former New Yorkers would also position him well for the mega-primary on Feb 5 that includes California, New York, Texas…  Nearly 400 delegates (1/3 of those needed to be nominated) will be chosen in Florida, New York and California – 3 states Giuliani has a good chance of winning.

http://www.palmbeachpost.com/politics/content/state/epaper/2007/05/29/m1a_GOPPREZ_0529.html by Brian E. Crowley  5-29-2007

 Texas has now voted to keep their primary election on March 4th and will not be a part of the mega-primary on February 5th.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republican_Party_%28United_States%29_presidential_primaries%2C_2008  6-24-2007

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